Traffic / Highway Engineering

Traffic / Highway Engineering

Highway and Roadway Design

VAI provides a full range of civil engineering services including corridor planning and feasibility studies, design and permit acquisition, right-of-way documentation, construction contract packaging and construction administration and observation. Our clients include private interests, municipalities and state agencies with projects ranging from local streets and intersections to major corridor and highway interchange improvements throughout New England VAI’s engineering and design experience involves the preparation of construction documents including horizontal and vertical geometry; drainage and stormwater management; grading, utility systems, pavement marking and signing, traffic signal systems, traffic management, construction sequencing, construction specifications and quantity and cost estimating.

Traffic Signal Design

VAI’s expertise in the specialized field of traffic signal design offers our clients a technical and technological resource. The design of an isolated traffic signal or a system of traffic signals begins with determining the need for the signal. This need can be the result of an existing capacity or safety concern, one that is created as a result of new development, or as part of a corridor improvement project. VAI’s traffic engineers have a thorough understanding of State and Federal design guidelines and standards including the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) and Highway Capacity Manual (HCM) which are integral to the design and installation of traffic signal systems. This expertise is used in determining the need for traffic signals, and in developing signal layout, sequence and timing plans for an isolated signal or for a coordinated network of intersections. VAI considers all aspects of design when evaluating traffic signal systems, including the various users of the roadways (vehicles, bicycles, pedestrians), peak hours, event conditions, safety, and aesthetics. State of the art computer models assess traffic operations and use animation to assess pre- and post-signal installation conditions to support proposed designs and to illustrate existing and proposed conditions to the client, state and municipal staff; and to the public.

Construction Services

As part of the firm’s comprehensive engineering services, VAI offers construction administration and observation services for highway, roadway and intersection improvement projects. This work is typically part of our total services and is contracted separately to both public and private sector clients. VAI’s construction services include contract documents, pre-bid conferences, bid evaluation, shop drawing review, RFI response, construction observation, pay requisition review, final inspections, punch list review and project closeout reporting. The firm’s inspectors are Registered Professional engineers and NICET certified.