waylandAs part of the off-site mitigation for the Wayland Town Center mixed use development, this project involved intersection, traffic signal and safety improvements along Route 20, 27 and 126 in Wayland, Massachusetts. This project required extensive coordination with the Town of Wayland and MassDOT and a lengthy permitting process to address the sensitive traffic, environmental and historic issues associated with the proposed site development and off-site transportation improvement. VAI provided engineering and design services for improvements on Routes 20, 27 and 126 including reconstruction and widening of approximately 1,800 feet of Route 20 at the proposed new site drive to accommodate an auxiliary through lane, exclusive left-turn lanes and a new 4-way signalized intersection with Russell’s Garden Center; and widening of approximately 850 feet of Route 27 at the proposed secondary site drive to accommodate an exclusive left-turn lane. Additional work involved reconstruction and widening of the Route 20/Route 27/Route 126 intersections, including approximately 1,300 feet of Route 20 and 1,800 feet of Routes 27/126 within the historic town center to accommodate an auxiliary through lane, new and extended turn lanes, traffic signal modifications at Route 20 and the installation of a new traffic signal at the Route 27/126 intersection.
VAI prepared the preliminary through final design documents (PS&E) in accordance with MassDOT and Federal design guidelines and standards, including the preparation of the State Highway Access Permit application and the Traffic Signal Regulations for MassDOT review and approval. The work involved the preparation of construction drawings for roadway geometry; drainage system modifications, utility relocations, traffic signals and system coordination; sidewalk and wheelchair ramp reconstruction in conformance with ADA/AAB standards; and alteration to State Highway Layout. The drainage analysis and modifications included flood plain impacts and compensatory storage areas, extension of the existing culvert under Route 20 and incorporation of best management practices including stormwater treatment elements to comply with the 2008 MassDEP Stormwater Standards. The project also required coordination with the adjacent MassDOT bridge replacement project over the Sudbury River and extensive public participation to identify issues and concerns, develop and assess mitigation alternatives and to obtain consensus for conditions of approval, particularly as it relates to the Wayland Center Historic District. VAI also provided construction services including preparation and attendance at construction meetings, response to contractor questions and requests for information, review of shop drawings, on-site observation and utility coordination. As part of the utility coordination effort VAI assessed construction schedule impacts associated with the utility relocations and prepared interim construction phasing plans to maintain traffic operations along Route 20 until utilities were relocated and the final proposed roadway reconstruction could be completed.